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Details Ellington-at-Newport-1956

Duke Ellington - Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete) +Bonus (2CDS) [Japan LTD CD] SICP-4007

31,93 EUR*
Details Hi-Fi-Ellington-Uptown

Duke Ellington - Hi-Fi Ellington Uptown [Japan LTD Blu-spec CD II] SICP-30228

21,24 EUR*
Details Ellington-Coltrane-Ltd

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - Duke Ellington & John Coltrane [Japan LTD CD] UCCU-99046

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Details Plays-Duke-Ellington-LtdEdit

Ben Webster - Plays Duke Ellington [Japan LTD CD] CDSOL-6953

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Details Ellington-Ballads-LtdEdition

Horace Parlan - Joe Van Enkhuizen - Ellington Ballads [Japan LTD CD] CDSOL-6368

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Details Sings-Duke-Ellington-Vinyl-LP

Nina Simone - Sings Ellington - LP Vinyl

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Details Ellington-Greatest-Concerts-Chicago-1946

Duke Ellington: The Great Concerts - Chicago 1946 - CD

12,33 EUR*
Details Duke-Ellington-Love-You-Madly

Duke Ellington - Love You Madly / A Concert Of Sacred Music

11,99 EUR*
Details Duke-Ellington-Reminiscin-in-Tempo

Duke ELLINGTON Reminiscing In Tempo DVD

16,33 EUR*
Details Von-Bach-bis-Ellington

Oeuvres de Duke Ellington, Thilo Wolf, J.S.Bach, George Gershwin / Thilo Wolf Quintett

16,67 EUR*
Details Ellington-Is-ForeverVol1

Kenny Burrell - Ellington Is Forever - Cd

29,77 EUR*
Details Duke-Ellington-Meets-Shm-CD

Coleman Hawkins - Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins [Japan LTD SHM-CD] UCCU-5643

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Details Ellington-London-New-York

Duke Ellington, piano - Peck Morrison, basse - Sam Woodyard, batterie - Willie "The Lion" Smith, piano - Billy Strayhorn, piano

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Details Duke-Ellington-The-Piano-Prince-and-His-Orchestra

Duke Ellington This swinging, vibrant picture book about jazz composer Edward Kennedy Ellington, better known as "Duke," is a tribute to the legend that continues to live on and influence musicians everywhere. Full description

31,00 EUR*
Details The-Duke-Ellington-Reader

The Duke Ellington Reader This volume includes over a hundred interviews, critical essays, reviews and memoirs, as well as Ellington's own writings, to provide an historical anthology about this leading American jazz musician. It provides insights ...

6,49 EUR*
Details Duke-Ellington-Getting-to-Know-the-Worlds-Greatest-Composers-Series

Duke Ellington Mike Venezia provides a light-hearted, yet realistic view of the life of Ellington. With colour pictures and clever illustrations children can learn about music in a fun way, opening up the world of music to them for the rest of their ...

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Details Masterpieces-By-Ellington-Vinyl-LP

2 LP, 200 Gramm Vinyl, 45 rpm, US-Pressung, neu & versiegelt

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Details A-Tribute-to-Duke-Ellington

.Label: Jazzcolour.Published: 1996